Catherine Santhers Williams
Cathy Santhers Williams
Gender Female
Status Main Character
Alias(es) Cathy, Catherine, Kathy, Cat
Hair Red
Age 34
Occupation Taxi Driver
Location Dinosaur City, West Virginia
Relatives Cheesecake, Sr., husband, Cheesecake, Jr., Jacques Williams, Joe Williams, sons, Melissa Williams, daughter, Unnamed children, children, Nicolas Santhers, father
Catherine Williams (maiden name Santhers) is Cheesecake, Jr.'s mother and Cheesecake, Sr.'s wife. She is the mother of four living children, as well as seven children that got adopted.


Young Cathy

Cathy in 7th grade.

Catherine Santhers was born on December 26, 1978 in Kentucky. She lost some of her vision playing with laser lights, causing her to get glasses. In her high school days, she met Charles Cage Williams, and seven years later had a child. During the 9/11 terrorist attacks, much of her hair burned off, leaving only strands of her hair. She then became annoyed and unfriendly, often staying inside whenever she didn't have to work. She would not live past age 77, dying in 2056.


She seems to have red, stringy hair and thin eyebrows. Originally, she only had a main, for her "scalp" was bald.


Young Cathy was very friendly and nice, but, due to stress, she became a rude, uncaring jerk. She doesn't like children, and will often act extremely bossy.


  • She was the series' first female character.
  • Only once was she referred to as "Cat."
  • She is the only living monotheist in the Williams family, and is also Jewish.
  • Coincidentally, she and Marge Simpson are both French in ethnicity.
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