Charles Cage Williams, Jr.
Cheesecake, Jr
Gender Male
Status Main Character
Alias(es) CJ, Cheesecake Jr., Charlie, Junior
Hair Blonde
Age 16
Occupation None
Location Dinosaur City, USA (formerly New York City, USA
Relatives Cheesecake, Sr. (father), Catherine S. Williams (mother), Joe Williams, Jacques Williams (brothers), Melissa Williams (sister), Bob Williams, Jr., Nicolas Santhers (grandfathers), June Santhers (great-grandmother), Vrank Krena (great-great-grandfather), Helena Williams (cousin), Mario Santhers,Jacob Williams (uncles)

Cheesecake, Jr. (or Charles Cage Williams, Jr.) is the main character of the Cheesecake, Jr. comic strip and the son of Charles and Cathy Williams. He has appeared in every many comic since the original Cheesecake comic strip in 2008. Although his comic is no longer running, he still makes cameos every now and then.


Baby CJ

CJ as an infant.

Early Life

Cheesecake, Jr. was "born" on January 24 (occassionally 23), 1997. It is often disputed whether he was born or if he actually hatched from an egg, like normal dinosaurs. He seemed to have been rascally and mischevious at a young age; in fact, at age 2, he ripped off his father's moustache. He wasn't potty trained until the age of four, when he moved away from North Platte, Nebraska to New York, New York. Two months later, terrorists hijacked a few airplanes and crashed them into the World Trade Center, just a few blocks away from where CJ lived. So his family decided to move away to Aljazak, New York, about 286 miles away. He seemed to have loved the small town, and adopted some rural-tomboy lifestyle. However, another two years later, he moved to Albany, and got exposed to video games and fettucine alfredo, so he abonded his former personality and changed to his current personality.

In 2007, CJ's family moved back to New York City, and CJ met his friend Ron Hinkleton. They started having video game contests and played to their hearts' desire, and also pulled pranks on CJ's parents. Three years later, they moved to Dinosaur City, West Virginia. He met his friends Michael Adams and Nick Richards, and they started having many kooky adventures like being attacked by ice cream machines and traveling in time.


Adult CJ

CJ as an adult.

In the future, Cheesecake Jr. began working at Nacho House. He decided he had enough of his life as an unadventurous, boring child. He got into politics, and ran in the 2020 Mayoral Election on the Democratic party. He barely won the election, and later ran for senator of West Virginia. He won again, but again, barely. Finally, he ran in the 2040 presidential election, and won (again, barely). As president, he actually ended global warming and deforestation, and led the country through World War 4. He died at the age of 97 in 2094. He is renowned in the future as "The Dinosaurian Hero."


When Cheesecake, Jr. first appeared in the comic strip, he was bald and wore a helicopter beanie. He adopted the "cool" look later on, wearing a purple hat and sunglasses. That look was later dropped, and in 2010, he adopted blonde hair. He then grew some stubble which would eventually become a moustache, and then began wearing clothes more. The pattern is that he's becoming more and more human like.



CJ playing video games.

Cheesecake, Jr. is known for his love of video games. He is often seen playing video games or impersonating video game characters such as Pac-Man. In fact, he owns many video game systems:
  • An Atari 2600
  • A Nintendo Entertainment System
  • A Nintendo GameBoy
  • A Sega Genesis
  • A Nintendo Wii
  • A Sony PlayStation 3
  • A Microsoft XBOX 360

He is also known for his love of Italian food, not unlike his creator. His favorite is fettucine alfredo, but he also likes spaghetti and ravioli. However, he hates ice cream, especially Nestlé Dibs (which were later discontinued, much to his joy), mainly because ice-cream machines often shot them at him using rapid-fire. He also hates his mother's casseroles.

He is often cynical (a trait that is now cliché) but can also be seen with a bright, friendly, and even childish side. He also has a very mischevious side, often pranking people and listening in on other people's conversations.


  • He is said to have traveled in time to the 12th century, 2311, and even further into the future.
  • Originally, Charles. Cage Williams was to be the name of a fake creator for the series.
  • He only appears in one published work, Cheesecake Jr. in the Future.
  • He has a human version and a female version.
  • His personality is based off Garfield the Cat from Garfield, Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, and his looks based off Larry Koopa from the Mario games.
  • His phone number is 681-310-1018. "310-1018," in letters, spells "CJ Jr." 681 is the area code for various cities in West Virginia.
  • He once switched brains with his father.
  • He was once devolved into his primal Troodon form.
  • CJ and Barry Onyx both share the title for male "Class Clown." Also, unsurprisingly (but ironically) was voted "most likely to design a video game" along with Janette Fillmore.
  • On CJ's 96th birthday, there were so many candles on his cake that his house burned down - strange, since his house was made of glass.
  • His distant ancestors include Chucium of Suchishire and Kigku Junku.
  • He is of Chinese-Mayan-Swedish-French-British-German-Roman-African-Japanese-Australian-Slovak-Serbian-Italian-Israelite heritage.
  • He practices the Hindu religion.
  • In the Cheesecake, Jr. Superbook, it says his favorite horror movie is Cloverfield
  • In the same book, it was revealed that his Facebook account is "Nintendoseganamco," a combination of the game companies Nintendo, SEGA, and Namco.
  • He is in the Dinosaur City High School football team.


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