Dino City 2013

Dinosaur City today.

Dino City 1780

The city in the 1700s.

Dinosaur City is a hidden city in West Virginia, United States of America. It is home to about 30,000 inhabitants. It is alo the home to Cheesecake, Jr. and his family. The nearest city to it is Wheeling, West Virginia, about 10 miles away.


Dinosaur City's location was inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years, but in 1779 it was invaded by a few human setters along with some dinosaur people. The city was incorporated in 1780, and George Russel became mayor shortly after. In the 1790s, a rebellion by the dinosaur people drove humans out, and humans would not be allowed in Dinosaur City for the next 250 years. During the 1830s, the city saw some economic troubles and was probably the one that was hit worst by the Panic of 1837. However, it began to recover with new discoveries and trade in the 1850s.

Dinosaur people always opposed slavery, along with the rest of future West Virginia. In 1863, West Virginia seceded from the Confederate States of America.  The city saw a major blow when Confederate troops attacked the city, burning down some of some of the coal mines and houses. The resulting fume caused many dinosaur people to die or move away, causing a huge drop of population in the city.

The city did well from the 1890s to the beginning of the Cold War, and was probably one of the most prosperous American cities of the 1930s. However, its luck became the reverse of the rest of the country's after the end of World War 2, when the coal and steel was drained from the area. Dinosaur City blamed Wheeling, and started a mini-war between the cities. The war ended in 1969, when entrepeneurs decided to start new businesses like food and fishing. By the present day, it is still thriving on these businesses.



Dinosaur City

A map of the city.

Downtown Dinosaur City is home to many buildings such as the Nutricorp headquarters and many houses and businesses.

School District

Home to the schools, in the northeast.

Residential District

Home to many of the homes in the city. About 80% of Dinosaur City's inhabitants live there.


The Southeast District is home to many business and service buildings, and is also where the lake is located.


Where CJ lives. It is also home to Mt. Dinosaur, and the Ohio River bridge.



A majority of Dinosaur People there are either Buddhist or Catholic, and often visit the Dinosaur City Religious Centers.


Dinosaur City is currently run by mayor George Lincoln. The government is basically a beauracracy, with different government and business study buildings downtown.

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