George Fenderheim Russel
Gender Male
Status Founder of Dinosaur City, first mayor of Dinosaur City
Alias(es) Various
Hair Black
Age 59 at death
Occupation politician
Location Virginia colony
Relatives None known.
First Appearance Cheesecake, Jr. Video Game, cameos as statue in comic strips

George Russel (1738 - 1797) was a loyalist soldier during the American Revolution. He was sent to exile - along with a huge amount of dinosaur loyalists - to a camp in what is now West Virginia. He managed to escape, and founded the city of Dinosaur City. He was an awful mayor, so his lieutenant mayor overthrew him by killing him (it was said that he was put on a boat, then cast away, causing him to eventually starve). George's lieutenant became mayor himself, and created a 250-year "No Humans Allowed Policy". 

George Russel's statue is the most prominent landmark in the city, however, and is located in the middle of the town. 

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